Nifty Business Week 57

The Tech Giants Remain Bullish on Web3

Amazon, Coinbase & Yuga…Oh My!

The Short Version:

  1. Amazon, Coinbase & Yuga Labs have major announcements.

  2. Web3 leaders will be your mentor, without you paying them.

  3. The winner of my Crypto Tech Women giveaway is announced!

* This information is strictly educational and does not provide financial or investment advice. It is not a solicitation to buy or sell any assets, nor a recommendation to make any financial decisions. Please do your own research.

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🎙️ Podcast Episodes:

Tuesday: Streamlining business registration with blockchain technology, such as Compound NFTs (ERC-998), seems like a logical replacement for paperwork.

Wednesday: NFTopia 3 has unveiled a blueprint for digital events, using multi-streaming, digital worlds, and NFTs to keep attendees engaged.

Thursday: Vee Friends and Pudgy Penguins have inspired countless copycats that will fail because they do not understand their complex strategy.

Friday: Attract free web3 mentors by creating a platform, engaging with leaders, and collaborating for mutual growth. It is much easier than it sounds. I did it.

Sunday Preview: The Wax ecosystem has evolved into a multichain strategy. You can bridge NFTs to Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon via the Cloud Wallet.

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❗️Stay Safe:

🚨 Noteworthy:

◆ Web3 Amazon Prime game launched with free NFT drops. -Venture Beat

◆ Nifty’s has officially closed its doors after a failed pivot. -@Niftys

◆ Base, Ethereum L2 network by Coinbase launches August 9. -@BuildOnBase

◆ OpenSea supports Base, Coinbase’s Layer 2 network. -@OpenSea

◆ Yuga Labs has acquired AI-focused Roar Studios.

◆ SEC focuses on AI, to keep finance “safe for humans”. -Bloomberg

◆ The British Museum digitized history via The Sandbox. -EconoTimes

◆ Starbucks green apron NFTs are up 20% since release. -NiftyGateway

◆ CZ considered exiting the US markets to protect Binance. -The Information

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