Nifty Business Week 59

No FUD, Just Awesome!

Farmville in Web3?

The Short Version:

  1. Web3 ad dollars and sponsor budgets are in freefall.

  2. If you are not already using Wallet Guard, I bet you will soon.

  3. Zynga, the creator of Farmville, is launching its first Web3 game.

✍️ From Me to You

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🎙️ Podcast Vault:

Episode 207: Who or what is Shirley Lo? We think she is a bot, but who really knows? She has attended every major Space since I discovered NFTs.

Episode 232: My guest, Sammy Arriaga, is a Cuban country singer and songwriter from Miami who has become a pillar in the NFT community.

Episode 383: I have made 7 NFT market forecasts and predictions for 2023. I am doing much better this year. For example, the term 'NFT' is being rebranded.

Episode 394: Do you want to be noticed by NFT teams and founders? In this episode, I shared my blueprint to achieve it in just 20 days, even if you are busy.


Episode 515: Taylor Swift is a master marketer who could have the most valuable NFT community on the planet. Web3 founders can learn a lot from her.

Episode 517: Michael K. of Wallet Guard shares how we can protect ourselves online. This episode features a video demo of real-time protection.

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🚨 Noteworthy:

◆ Farmville creator Zynga is launching a game on Ethereum 😨. -@Sugartown

◆ Doodles Camp opened in Chicago. We can all be big kids. -@Doodles

◆ allows limited mints to specific X/Twitter handles and more. -@Fairxyz

◆ Decentraland’s new camera feature enhances social sharing. -@Decentraland

◆ OpenSea fully abandons creator royalties in February 2024.

◆ OpenSea investor, Mark Cuban, publicly supports NFT royalties. -@MCuban

◆ Wax blockchain highlights its ability to "bake" royalties into NFTs. -@WAX_io

◆ DeGods co-founder Finn announces his departure. -@Finnydegods

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