Nifty Business Week 60

Technology Changes, Business is Timeless

Old Things Become New

The Short Version:

  1. I will launch a community with 100 members.

  2. Audiences are transactional; communities are relational.

  3. Established brands are embracing web3 technology, while web3 companies are adopting traditional business models.

✍️ From Me to You

Who checks their email on a Sunday evening?

Conventional wisdom says newsletters should be sent on Tuesdays before lunch.

I have gotten the best results on the weekend. However, I have NEVER released an evening edition, even when I ran a website from my dorm in 2006.

Most of us in web3 experiment and test new things. We then evaluate our results, repeat our successes, and adjust as needed.

It is like an entrepreneurial journey. Whether it is Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or you exploring web3 for your next idea, the process is the same.

I knew I wanted to meet other “digital explorers” and allies to build the future when I launched Nifty Business almost two years ago.

Conventional wisdom at the time led to the launch of many PFP projects.

That line of thinking created thousands of crypto millionaires and countless disbanded communities.

Conventional wisdom says this is the worst time to launch a web3 community, yet I want to gather 100 people on a mission.

Rather than following conventional web3 wisdom, I believe successful people in other industries have demonstrated the best business models.

I will share what I have been working on later this week via the podcast.

Today, I have highlighted some of the blurred lines between traditional business models and web3.

Hopefully, you find them as interesting as I do…

~ Tahj d.k.a TropicVibes

✍️ From Me to You

Uh, oh…

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🎙️ Podcast Episodes:

Monday: Taylor Swift's fan-powered marketing shows that the best supporters are not driven by money. They are fueled by passion and curiosity.

Friday: Notice the difference between an audience and a community. It is not the same to share interests as to share an identity.

Sunday: Learn about online asset security in simple terms with Wallet Guard. You can use free open-source tools that will protect you in both web2 and web3.

Episode Preview: I want to build an NFT community, without selling NFTs. This sounds contradictory, but I have worked on this concept for more than a year.

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Did you know Sara K from Episodes #350 & #444 of the podcast also curates a list of Web3 Music Spaces?

🚨 Noteworthy:

◆ Solana Pay has now integrated with Shopify. -@Solana

◆ is the first mainstream app on the Base blockchain. -Tech Crunch

◆ Pudgy Penguins launched their Igloo clothing brand. -@PudgyPenguins

◆ Mercedes-Benz will release its latest "digital objects". -@MercedesBenzNXT

◆ The Bulls & Apes Project has revealed the "Creator". -@BullsApesProj

◆ Interacting with "shady" accounts lowers your visibility on X. -@NFT_God

◆ VeeFriends-themed Reebok classics are available for $90. -Reebok

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