Nifty Business Week 62

Google, PayPal, Visa, Chase & More

Corporate is Coming On-Chain

The Short Version:

  1. Web3 offers many opportunities for “the little guys”.

  2. Nintendo's rise, fall, and resurgence provide a lesson for web3 builders.

  3. Google, PayPal, Visa, and Chase have become more crypto-friendly.

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🎙️ Podcast Episodes:

Tuesday: Take a look behind the scenes of Nifty Business and explore the launch of our new community.

Friday: Nintendo's journey serves as a case study for web3 companies, illustrating their reluctance to embrace change, utilization of in-house IPs, and resurgence that extends beyond gaming.

Monday: NFT Draft's fantasy football eliminates ties and manages injuries through NFTs. This unique business model should be noted by web3 builders.

Episode Preview: During an onboarding workshop in Negril, Jamaica, we performed three skits in which the benefits were extremely clear. These skits will help you explain web3 to your boss, employees, co-workers, friends, and family.

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🚨 Noteworthy:

◆ Google will allow NFT game ads on September 15. -Search Engine Journal

◆ Visa is expanding its stablecoin settlement capabilities to Solana.

◆ Funko x Jurassic Park NFTs will be released on September 19.

◆ PayPal introduced on- and off-ramps for web3 payments. -PayPal Newsroom

◆ Binance NFT ends support for Polygon.

◆ Manifold introduced ‘claim codes’ (promo codes for NFTs). -@Manifoldxyz

◆ JPMorgan hopes to launch a blockchain-based deposit token.

◆ T-Mobile sim swap led to Vitalik’s X profile being hacked. -Vitalki.eth

◆ BitBoy Crypto has been rebranded to Discover Crypto. -@HitNetwork_

◆ Tech YouTuber/crypto skeptic MKBHD reviews the Solana phone. -MKBDH

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