Nifty Business Week 63

VeeFriends, The SEC & NFTGo

Nostalgia and Progress

The Short Version:

  1. People resist crypto like they resisted credit cards in the '90s.

  2. The SEC continues to hinder progress in web3, but there is hope.

  3. VeeFriends has vending machines and a live streaming partnership.

✍️ From Me to You

Uh, oh…

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🎙️ Podcast Episodes:

Wednesday: Not all DAOs are created equal. There are many complexities to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Many DAOs do not fit the definition.

Friday: I compromised my Trezor. I share how you can avoid doing the same thing and what to do if it happens to you.

Saturday: SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce does not believe all NFTs are securities and advocates clear guidelines for creators and artistic freedom.

Monday: NFT365’s Mint 365 is not a rug pull, but it seems stalled due to SEC compliance. Some holders feel betrayed; however, it is not black and white.

Episode Preview: Let's explore NFT Go! They have been providing tools for two years to help us track our favorite projects, NFTs, whales, and influencers in web3.

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🚨 Noteworthy:

◆ Stoner Cats agrees to a $1 million settlement with the SEC. -Bloomberg

◆ ETH supply is ~300k less since the Ethereum merge. -CoinTelegraph

◆ VeeFriends vending machines are now selling mini toys. -VeeFriends Blog

◆ Fanatics Live has partnered with VeeFriends for livestreams. -VeeFriends Blog

◆ A CryptoPunks docuseries drops on October 10, 2023. -@CryptoPunksNFTs

◆ Court approved FTX to start selling its $3.4B in crypto assets. -Bloomberg

◆ NFT Prep’s first NFT “paper-trading” competition is LIVE. -@nftperp

◆ Bankless Claimables tool searches for airdrops and more. -BanklessHQ

◆ Magic Eden now supports compressed NFTs (cNFTs). -@MagicEden

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