Nifty Business Week 64

Pudgy Penguins x Walmart, BAYC x BAPE, Web3 Gaming x VCs

Pudgies Flip the FUD

The Short Version:

  1. Pudgy Penguins are now available in 2,000 Walmart stores.

  2. I no longer know who is within BAYC's target audience.

  3. Web3 is hiring via X. Companies are utilizing the new job listings feature.

✍️ From Me to You

Uh, oh…

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🎙️ Podcast Episodes:

Episode 531: Web3 companies need to build marketing funnels. Traditional funnel builders do support crypto features. Can you build them?

Episode 532: Bored Ape Yacht Club's collaboration with B.A.P.E. is fitting, but who is within their target market now? Is BAYC trying to do too many things?

Episode 533: Pudgy Penguins are in Walmart, proving their smart marketing, big business, and IP strategy for long-term success is working.

Episode Preview: Let's explore NFT Go! They have been providing tools for two years to help us track our favorite projects, NFTs, whales, and influencers in web3.

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🚨 Noteworthy:

◆ Pudgy Penguins toys are selling in 2,000 Walmart stores. -@PudgyPenguins

◆ A web3 game studio raises $33M in an a16z-led seed round. -@ProofOfPlay

◆ OpenSea will replace lazy mining with Creator Studio in October. -@OpenSea

◆ Polygon 2.0 may launch this year; MATIC token will become POL. -Polygon

◆ OpenSea API customers were alerted to a security breach.. -CoinMarketCap

◆ Over $5M flows into PostTech, FriendTech's new competitor. -DappRadar

◆ Social Connector launches a compeitior to FriendTech. -@GaryLHenderson

◆ Sounds of the Week highlights top trending music NFTs. -@Soundxyz_

◆ Rolling Stones ironically declares NFTs are “totally worthless”. -Rolling Stones

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