Nifty Business Week 65

Restructuring: Web3's Flavor of the Week

Mergers, Layoffs & Departures

The Short Version:

  1. The NFL is a case study for 'inflation & dilution' within web3.

  2. ChatGPT is my developer. It's not perfect, but it works.

  3. Christian Louboutin designed real/digital shoes for Marvel heroes.

✍️ From Me to You

Uh, oh…

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🎙️ Podcast Episodes:

Episode 534: Jared from NFTGo shares free tools for tracking NFTs, whales, and market sentiment with simple visuals. I'll be joining him for weekly Spaces.

Episode 535: The Hive blockchain is a long-running, decentralized solution for social media and content censorship. I recently joined it.

Episode 536: My tech support team consists of Chat GPT and Bing Chat. Did you know you can use these tools to build your minimum viable product (MVP)?

Episode Preview: Decentralization is great for securing value on-chain data; however, a profitable business should NOT be structured like to Bitcoin.

*The NFT Business Show is also available in your favorite podcast app. Follow for free.

Bing Image Create has improved greatly. I often use it to create free AI images for my content. The previous version couldn't put legible letters on objects, and it had a small watermark in the corner (which I didn't really mind).

The eyes need improvement, but it gets my point across to supplement my text.

Bing to the rescue as my tech stack burns!

🚨 Noteworthy:

◆ VeeCon 2024 will take place August 9-11 at the L.A. LIVE venue. -VeeFriends

◆ Boss Beauties has officially acquired BFF. -@MyBFF

◆ NFT NYC ‘24 is now accepting applications from speakers and artists.

◆ NFT artist wins multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Planet Hollywood CEO.-ABC

◆ BAYC’s founder confirms layoffs and restructuring Yuga Labs. -@CryptoGarga

◆ JD, one of Polygon's remaining co-founders, has "stepped back”. -@jdkanani

◆ Warner Music's head of AI and NFTs has stepped down. -Decrypt

◆ Christian Louboutin x Marvel "phygital" shoes are now available. -Yahoo!

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🗣️ Get Social:

This post received ~130 views and 3 likes from my ~1,900+ followers on X, yet it earned me $2.54 on Hive, where I only have 11 followers. 😲 

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