Nifty Business Week 67

The Bulls are Back in Town

Crypto Spring In Sight

The Short Version:

  1. Morgan Stanley believes that Crypto Spring is approaching.

  2. Gary Henderson is ‘quietly’ building amazing web3 onramps.

  3. Binance is expanding its in-app social network ecosystem. Its user base easily rivals X.

✍️ From Me to You

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Episode 491: Gary Henderson launched a coin for his Clubhouse audience and then created NFTs. Now, he's building an evolving tech stack to assist creators.

Episode 492: Gary Henderson shares how he brought to life everything I discussed in Episode 491 by delving into his creator journey in depth.

🚨 Noteworthy:

◆ Signs indicate that crypto spring is likely on the horizon. -Morgan Stanley

◆ There will be a 33.3% royalty fee on Polygon Y00ts after today. -@y00tsNFT

◆ Forbes highlighted NFTs with ‘phygital’ products for the holidays. -Forbes

◆ Michelin closed the sale of 3xplorers Club NFTs after 50% minted. -Michelin

◆ Binance Feed is now Square and directly competes with Crypto X. -Binance

◆ South Korea’s largest mobile carrier released a crypto wallet. -CoinDesk

◆ ApeCoin DAO launched an accelerator to help small projects. -Decrypt

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🗣️ Get Social:

I've been hosting weekly Spaces with the NFTGo team. The Space crashed last week, but we had an amazing hour after relaunching. Gary Henderson from Giraffe Tower and Michael K. from Wallet Guard contributed to the discussion.

Tune into the replay below and join us on Wednesdays at 8 pm Eastern.

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